How to make sushi

How to make sushi

Watch how to make a delicious set of maki rolls from scratch as Yuki goes through the steps to show Robin how to make her very special Salmon Uramaki.
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    How to make sushi

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    Salmon Uramaki Sushi

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    We're going to go through

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    the steps to make

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    Yuki's very special sushi

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    "Sushi Su"

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    First you need a sushi vinegar mixture

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    we call "Sushi Su"

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    and you need to add into that cooked japanese rice

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    mix thoroughly and cool down

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    to make our sushi Yuki is going to show us how to prepare the salmon

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    remove skin from salmon pieces

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    We're going to make the roll

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    So everything is like 1cm wide

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    Place a seaweed sheet on the bamboo mat

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    Spread the rice all the way along

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    Sprinkle with black sesame seeds or tobiko

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    Turn over so rice is facing down

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    Then grab the salmon and place at the bottom of the seaweed

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    Add a line of 1cm avocado next to the salmon

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    Roll carefully using your fingers to hold down

  22. 00:59

    Nice and tightly roll again

  23. 01:02

    Tighten roll firmly

  24. 01:04

    Slice into pieces

  25. 01:10

    There you go

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  1. Make your suhi vinegar mixture -"Sushi Su"

    Mix together 120ml Brown Rice Vinegar, 3tbsp Sugar and 1tbsp Salt in a bowl, stirring until fully dissolved.

  2. Japanese Rice

    Cook the perfect Japanese rice (see our recipe page) and the combine throughly with the " Sushi Su". Allow it to cool down.

  3. Prepare the salmon

    Remove the skin from the salmon pieces with a fine blade knife. Cut the salmon into 1cm wide strips.

  4. Get Rolling

    With your bamboo mat on the work surface place a sheet of seaweed on top. Spread a layer of the rice mixture covering it all. Sprinkle the layer of rice with black sesame seeds or tobiko. Then turn over so rice is facing down on the mat and the seaweed sheet face up. Place at the bottom of the seaweed sheet a line of the salmon strips. Add a line of 1cm avocado next to the salmon. Then start to roll carefully using your fingers to hold it down. Nice and tightly roll it all the way tightening the roll firmly. Then slice into pieces and enjoy!

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