How to Pan Fry Salmon

How to Pan Fry Salmon

Have a perfectly cooked salmon fillet, complete with crisp skin, ready in under 10 minutes. Serve with a side of salad or some buttery, seasonal green veg.
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    How to pan fry salmon

  2. 00:03

    Hi I'm Robin from the Wright Brothers

  3. 00:05

    and I've got some of our VAR Salmon

  4. 00:08

    It is exceptionally good salmon

  5. 00:10

    and I'm going to show you how to cook it very simply

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    First of all I'm going to get my pan really hot

  7. 00:15

    Here's my salmon

  8. 00:17

    I'm just going to use normal table salt

  9. 00:19

    Give it a good sprinkling of salt

  10. 00:21

    I'm using rapeseed oil

  11. 00:23

    perfect for cooking fish

  12. 00:25

    and I'm going to put my fish in skinside down

  13. 00:28

    The trick to cooking fish is to look and listen

  14. 00:32

    so it is just sizzling quite nicely

  15. 00:36

    it is not popping

  16. 00:38

    which means the skin is just browning

  17. 00:39

    but not burning

  18. 00:41

    and I can just leave my salmon to cook like that

  19. 00:43

    for a couple of minutes

  20. 00:44

    Got a nice brown skin

  21. 00:49

    I'm going to now put that in the oven

  22. 00:51

    at 180c

  23. 00:53

    After about 3 minutes

  24. 00:54

    going to take that out of the oven

  25. 00:56

    Got a lovely crisp skin

  26. 00:58

    and hopefully perfectly cooked in the middle

  27. 01:01

    Place your cooked fillet on a plate

  28. 01:04

    Serve with your chosen sides

  29. 01:06

    Green salad

  30. 01:09

    add a wedge of lemon

  31. 01:11

    season with salt & pepper

  32. 01:15

    and enjoy

  1. Pat dry and season

    Use a paper towel to pat the fillet as dry as possible. Damp portions won’t sear or brown in the pan. The drier they are, the better the crisp. Rub salt, pepper and oil onto salmon skin just before cooking

  2. Cook the fillets in a hot pan

    Place frying pan over a medium heat and make sure it is really hot before adding your fillet.

  3. A nice crisp

    Place salmon portions skin side down. The trick to cooking the perfect piece of fish is to look and listen. It needs to be just sizzling nicely and not popping. This means the skin is browning and not burning. Leave to sizzle like that for a couple of minutes. For further crisp and to perfectly cook the middle of the portion place the pan in centre of oven at 180c for a further 3 minutes.

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