How to Pan Fry Scallops

How to Pan Fry Scallops

These popular molluscs take no more than 4-5 minutes to pan-fry to perfection, making scallops the perfect fast food. You can enjoy these meaty morsels of sweet flesh with a hint of the sea in no time. 
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    How to pan fry scallops

  2. 00:03

    roughly chop parsley

  3. 00:05

    heat oil in pan

  4. 00:07

    carefully add scallops and coat in oil

  5. 00:10

    add butter and coat scallops

  6. 00:15

    baste thoroughly until golden brown

  7. 00:20

    mix in chopped parsley

  8. 00:28

    return to shells to serve

  9. 00:34

    garnish with extra parsley and enjoy

  1. Pat the scallops dry

    I like to use a paper towel to pat them so they are as dry as possible. Damp scallops won’t sear or brown in the pan. The drier they are, the better they will sear. Frozen scallops will have a bit more moisture so take extra care when patting them dry.

  2. Cook the scallops in a hot pan

    If they aren’t sizzling when you place them into the frying pan, it isn’t hot enough. Between the drying and a very hot pan, you are guaranteed a beautiful golden brown sear.

  3. Finish with butter and herbs

    Scallops already taste incredible, but adding a bit of creamy butter and fresh herbs at the end of cooking makes them restaurant worthy.

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