Decadent Easter: Luxury dining with exotic eggs and fine caviar

Decadent Easter: Luxury dining with exotic eggs and fine caviar

Discover an ocean themed Easter alternative at Wright Brothers, promising a unique celebration.

With Easter approaching, our thoughts are most definitely turning to eggs. It is, after all, a celebration of new life and fertility and also marks the end of the Lent period, the season of fasting and penitence, during which, dietary sacrifices were historically made, culminating in a much-anticipated feast of extravagance.  

We have the perfect solution. Luxury dining, to make up for the weeks of resisting temptation, coupled with the most beautiful eggs for Easter, in the form of our exceptional and exotic Baeri and Kristal caviar, both beautiful and delicious examples of fine Russian caviar, originating from the icy waters of the River Volga and the Caspian and Black Seas.  


In our case, its not the Easter Bunny that excites us, its the Greater Sturgeon, whose sublime roe just exudes decadence and luxury.  


Our Baeri caviar is exceptional - dark, lustrous and Siberian in origin from farmed Acipenser Baerii sturgeon and renowned for its exquisite flavour with light notes of hazelnut. The Kristal is likewise highly favoured, although from a slightly different species of sturgeon, the Schrenki’ and whilst equally appealing, exhibits more of a golden hue, with final notes of almond.  

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For those of you still wanting to indulge in a clutch of eggs, without having to aspire to the fine caviar level, we also have our wonderfully orange Japanese Tobiko’ sushi roe, from the flying fish species, which is the perfect ingredient for sushi rolls or blinis, adding a wonderful texture with a slight hint of smoke.   

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Served simply as an appetiser, garnish, canapé or simply au naturel atop a pearl spoon, your personal Wright Brothers Easter egg experience is one that is going to deliver at every level and leave you with the immense satisfaction, that youll have made the Wright choice.  

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