Seasonal highlights: April

Seasonal highlights: April

Read more on why April makes it a perfect time to shop seasonally with fresh Hake and Scallops.

Welcome to April! As the season transitions, we're excited to shine a spotlight on two exceptional products that are perfect for this time of year. Join us as we explore their unique flavours, versatility, and why they're the perfect addition to your spring dishes. Written by Mike Warner, our seafood and fisheries ambassador, this guide promises to be an insightful journey into the hard work of our fishing fleets that you won't want to miss.


One product that typifies our approach to sustainable shellfish and are regularly available from the fisheries on the Devon and Cornwall coasts, are the delicious Scallops that thrive in the nutritionally rich waters of the English Channel.  

These beautiful bivalves inhabit the gravelly and stoney seabed often quite close inshore and are wild caught by small, day boat ‘scallopers’ operating out of many small ports from Brixham to Plymouth.  

Apart from being incredibly flavoursome, these seasonal spring scallops are packed with nutrition, being rich in protein, Vitamin B12, selenium, zinc and of course Omega-3, which they are also naturally rich in. In fact, the protein content is far higher than that of salmon, chicken or beef and so actually far more sustainable.  

 Perfect for simply grilling or pan searing with seasonal wild garlic butter or for creating a dinner party sensation with a Coquille St Jaques.

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The European hake is fast becoming a regular and highly popular alternative white fish species, to the traditional staples of cod and haddock. Once mostly exported to Europe, more recently, catches of hake from the abundant waters of the Celtic Sea, west of Cornwall, have found their way increasingly onto British fishmongers’ slabs and onto restaurant menus.  

From the ports of Brixham and Newlyn, the hake landed is almost entirely caught by ‘netters’ (boats fishing with fixed gill nets) where the quality of the catch is maintained through selective fishing, and where the fishermen themselves have invested a huge amount of time and work into understanding the science behind the species and the elimination of bycatch, making it one of the most responsibly managed fisheries in the UK. 

The hake netters typically fish for 3-7 day trips when the tides aren’t too strong - when the gear becomes difficult to work. Our fishermen take great care in preserving the quality of the catch and the fish are gutted, cleaned and packed in ice within minutes of being landed.  

Hake has its own unique flavour and texture and the meat is highly suited to spices, herbs and seasonings, taking flavours incredibly well. Not only is it a delicious alternative for traditional fish and chips, now appearing in many fish and chips shops countrywide, but equally suited to dishes such as fish stews and pies or simply baked with more Mediterranean or Asian flavours.  

Our Wright Brothers hake fillet, landed at Brixham Market and sold as a whole side or prepared portions, makes an excellent white fish choice for just simply fish lovers or budding chefs alike, as it’s so incredibly versatile.

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