Wright Brothers Wholesale was founded in 2002 by brothers-in-law Ben Wright & Robin Hancock.
We are a niche, quality-led seafood specialist supplying a full range of first-class fish, shellfish and seafood to some of the most iconic chefs, hotels and restaurants in the UK (including Scotts, J Sheekey, Milos, Hawksmoor, Gordon Ramsay, Harrods and of course our own), from our Coastal operation in Brixham and our London operation on Billingsgate market.

Wright Bros. Ltd Wholesale
Our expert local buyers share over 50 years’ experience of sourcing the best quality directly from local fishermen and from dayboats on the daily market auctions.  We hand-pick the very best catches of the day for our customers, and we can trace every fish back to the boat, skipper and crew who caught it.


Wright Bros. Ltd Aquaculture

We are also masters of oysters and live shellfish from sea to plate, with more than 10 years’ direct experience in shellfish farming and aquaculture in Cornwall.
We remain an independent business based firmly on Ben and Robin’s values of quality, sustainability, expertise, service – and most importantly, passion.

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