How to Shuck Oysters like a Pro

How to Shuck Oysters like a Pro

With more oysters being eaten 'At Home' than ever, we often get asked exactly "how to shuck oysters". Our Oyster Master is here to show you how to prepare your oysters like a pro. If you don't know how to open oysters safely and easily, you will in no time after watching this "how to shuck" video.

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    Hi I'm Anjelica from Wright Brothers and today I'll be showing you

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    how to shuck an oyster from home

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    so all you need is a chopping board

  4. 00:07

    a tea towel

  5. 00:09

    an oyster knife

  6. 00:09

    if you haven't already got an oyster knife

  7. 00:11

    you can buy them online

  8. 00:13

    or you can also pop down to our seafood counter

  9. 00:15

    at Borough Market Thursday to Saturday

  10. 00:17

    erm...and your oyster

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    Okay, let's get started!

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    So just a few tips before we get shucking

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    once you receive your oysters there's no need to

  14. 00:25

    submerge into water or to freeze them

  15. 00:27

    you can just pop them into the fridge

  16. 00:29

    5 degrees

  17. 00:32

    just make sure that when you're storing them

  18. 00:34

    they are the right way up

  19. 00:35

    so flat lid on top

  20. 00:36

    and we recommend...

  21. 00:38

    that you consume them within 5 days of delivery

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    Okay so now we can get down with the shucking

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    so grab your oyster out of the box

  24. 00:46

    and then what you want to do is

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    put it in the middle of your tea towel

  26. 00:50

    and then with your loose end of your tea towel

  27. 00:51

    you just fold it over the top so that will protect your hand

  28. 00:55

    and then with your free hand

  1. Protect your hand

    Place the oyster in the middle of a folded tea towel. Fold the loose end of the tea towel over the the top of your hand. With the other hand you’re going to put a bit of pressure on the oyster to keep it steady.

  2. The hinge

    The hinge is the point of the shell, that connects the flat top to the oyster shell. The aim is to get the tip of the knife in far enough, but not too far in that you stab the oyster.

  3. Break the hinge

    Find the entry point and then put the tip of the knife inside and apply a bit of pressure. Twist your wrist and you should hear the hinge pop and pry the top of the shell open.

    Tip: A good indicator if you've applied enough pressure is if your oyster hangs off the knife when you raise the knife up off the table.

  4. Remove the top shell

    Now you need to release the flat bit of the oyster shell away from the adductor muscle, so use the tip of the knife to lift up and with the sharp edge of your knife run it along the top of the flat shell to cut away the lid.

    Tip: Wipe your knife down before you do this so you don't get any bits of shell inside the oyster.

  5. Release the oyster

    Now all you have to do is put the tip of the knife again underneath the oyster itself and cut the bottom of the oyster adductor muscle away and then it's ready to eat.

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