We should start by saying that we're brothers-in-law. We both had careers which were going along nicely until 2002 when we met Jerome - one of France's best oyster farmers. We had to leave our other careers behind and get these oysters out there.

Back then, in the UK, oysters were eaten by a select few in expensive restaurants. It was all very stuffy and formal and not much fun.

We thought they should be available to everyone. That was, and still is, our big idea.

We started by telling anyone who would listen about oysters – how they were grown, how they were purified, how good they are for you and how to shuck, prepare and, even, how to eat them (chew them and you’ll never go back to shooting them straight down).

We approached the best chefs – the guys and girls who love working with seafood. They loved how fresh and delicious our oysters were. So did their customers. The word spread and more chefs started to use us as their oyster supplier. We were on to something.

So, we decided to create our own oyster farm. We leased an old one in Cornwall on the Helford River (a seriously beautiful part of the world) and revived it. We learnt everything the hard way. It got really muddy, messy and challenging, but we enjoyed every minute of it, and it gave us the freedom to produce the number of oysters our chef clients demanded. It also empowered us to farm the way we wanted to: sustainably and responsibly.

Not long after that, in 2005, we decided it was time to prepare and serve oysters the way we wanted to. That’s when we opened our first restaurant – Wright Brothers Borough. We poured our sea to plate passion into this and now have three restaurants in London, each with their own character.

We’re so proud of the Wright Brothers family. The best seafood in London is what we want to achieve. By best, we mean the freshest, the most accessible and the most fun.

Ben & Robin

Founders, Wright Bros. Limited