This page gives and overview of the Email template sent to Wright Brothers staff whenever a ticket is purchased – we highlight the list of recipients for this email template and how to edit them. We will also discuss the fact that emails cannot be scheduled to send before or after events – emails can only be sent when tickets are bought.

The Email Template

Whenever a ticket is bought, the following email is sent to Wright Brothers staff to notify them:

Here’s a link to the admin, where this template can be edited:

To edit the list of recipients within the template, simply copy the corresponding

The email above is sent to the following list of recipients:

Site Admin Email


This the email address of of the site admin, which can be changed here: under the field Email Address.

Event Author Email


This is the email address of the user who created the event. This email is chosen during the event creation process, in the section titled Author on the event page. One event author can be set of each restaurant location so that emails regarding events at a particular location will be sent to the respective emails. You can edit the event author details on this page:

Company Email


This is the company email, which has been inserted under Primary Contact Email, on this page: The company email is also set as the default sender for all emails sent to customers and Wright Brother staff.

Other Email

You can also insert other emails in the ‘To’ section of the template above, making sure that emails are separated by commas.

Scheduling Emails

Note: It isn’t possible to schedule emails in Event Espresso to send before or after an event. Emails are only sent when customers buy a ticket.