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Wright Brothers

From humble beginnings in 2002, when Wright Brothers Ben and Robin began bringing oysters back to popularity in the UK and onto London restaurant menus, our wholesale farm now supplies 140 of the city’s finest restaurants with a range of high quality, sustainable oysters, fish and seafood. If you would like to know more or set up a new account, speak to Kevin or Marina on 020 7403 9559 or check out our product list online.

Our Duchy oyster farm, leased from the Duke of Cornwall, HRH The Prince of Wales launched an ambitious regeneration project in 2005, assisted by a European fisheries subsidy, and Wright Brothers now cultivate and harvest over 10 million native and pacific oysters per annum, making the Duchy Oyster Farm one of the largest oyster farms in the UK. Our Frenchman’s Creek and Duchy native oysters can be found on all Wright Brothers’ menus and across London.