Our 2 hour oyster masterclass is a chance for our experts to meet the obsessed and the just plain curious. All things oyster is on the agenda. There’s the theory part: dispelling myths, understanding health benefits and learning how incredible these tiny molluscs are. Then, we taste our way around the British Isles and France, by eating six natural, three dressed and three cooked oysters. Each restaurant’s masterclass is unique; our chefs have individual styles to share.

  • Welcome glass of Champagne
  • A dozen oysters
  • Two glasses of wine
  • Class size: 8-12 people
If you would like to organise a private or corporate masterclass please email events@thewrightbrothers.co.uk.
Date Location
12pm Sat 24th Feb Soho
12pm Sat 21st Apr Spitalfields
4pm Sat 21st Apr South Kensington
12pm Sat 5th May Spitalfields
12pm Sat 19th May Soho
12pm Sat 14th Jul Soho
12pm Sat 18th Aug Spitalfields
12pm Sat 15th Sep Spitalfields